Project Description

New Monochrome projects

Ladder closure on the coast

For this project we have collaborated with the company GMG, specialized in architecture, urbanism, engineering and energy rehabilitation.

The enclosure has been made for a spectacular staircase where our glasses show the silhouette that this one generates on its wing. We have used our GraphicGlass technique combined with a touch of GhostGlass to give more visibility to the engraving that simulates falling leaves.

The crystals are laminated safety glass to guarantee total tranquility to our client.

As for the lighting system, at LedGlass we have opted for new lighting trends in monocolor and we have used the new Dual system. This allows us to switch from cold to warm color temperature through an easy to use control knob. Achieving a sober and elegant aesthetic.

The finishes of the profile have been studied to have the least possible visual impact on our glasses and the finish is in matte silver.

GraphicGlass glasses for private housing

Project realized with our technique GraphicGlass contributing a graph in the form of labyrinth to break a little with the transparency of the conventional glasses and in turn to provide a touch of ambient illumination in low light conditions. There are also 2 different engraving intensities and this is transmitted in different light intensities.

The light system has been made with cold temperature leds to provide contrast with the warmth of the environment in which our glass is surrounded by materials such as wood.

Once again we would like to emphasize the importance of the creation and extrusion of our own profiles, which allows us to provide solutions to the market as minimal as possible, a characteristic that is increasingly valued in projects that house glass.

Signs for public buildings

Project that combines our 2 techniques GraphicGlass and LightinGlass.

We have used the LightinGlass to generate a light screen that is able to provide ambient light to the space and also to give contrast to the lettering. For this we have used a light system in warm monocolor combined with cold monochrome.

In this project the GraphicGlass glasses decorated with the numbers for each of the plants as signage are laminated security crystals as well as the part manufactured in LightinGlass.

The finishes for our glasses have been made with aluminum profile in matt silver.

“… LedGlass joins the new lighting trends with dual systems …”