Project Description

Welcome to our NEW SHOWROOM. Welcome to the NEW AGE.

In the XXI century, we are at the top of the wave of technological advances; there is no doubt about the ability of man to create, transform, change and adapt everything that is needed to meet their likes and needs.

It is from that power, the creativity, from where the beauty it’s originated; from where we are challenged to give an answer to the multifunctionality and from where we are dared to unify it with a clear and vanguard aesthetical, according to our world.

Who knows us, knows that we are passionate about challenges, we love our raw material and we recognize that we have enjoyed molding and playing with glass, as much or more than the ancient craftsmen of this noble material.

Today, we open our technological pandora’s box and we show you with pride all our latest creations collected in a unique place, designed especially for you, for your communication proposals, for your business.

We open our doors with a Ledglass glass, in a reduced matt acid, personalized and illuminated in white monochrome Led, and its engraved gives you a warm welcome in multiple languages.

Go through the door and enter in an environment of light, in front is highlighting the most innovative elements we have created, our polarized glass, PolarisGlass, which has come to become the first multifunctional glass, which covers all the needs of a space, adapting to your pace of life. In a single click, go from transparency to opacity, guaranteeing your privacy; Or, use it’s opacity to project 4K images and surprise with your visual contents. A remote, controllable and programmable touch control will allow you to play with your stay. You have control of the space that surrounds you, you lead.

As an image stands out better with good audio, we include the SoundGlass among our successes. A glass that can distribute the sound waves as if it were a loudspeaker, the environment with an enveloping sound that will captivate your ears and immerse you in the sensory experience that you will discover in our Showroom.

The broad trajectory we have developed will be revealed to you, when contemplating our usual techniques with a new potential, we will show you the quality achieved in the lighting of a curved glass turned into an operative and functional table, our Lightinglass technique, with a new volume, with a new range of possibilities. Obviously, we continue offering the usual offer our Lightinglass is still giving us decoration options for floors, ceilings, and swinging or automatic glass doors, with the exclusive lighting and personalization.

And since the world of design does not ignore textures, we can show the results offered by our glass insertions. We can insert and illuminate different designs to choose from, giving elegance with illuminated wefts in monochrome LEDs to highlight a clear and sober atmosphere that shines through its distinguished appearance.

We are ready to offer all the technical solutions that you may need and highly qualified to surprise you.

…”All our techniques in a new creative space”…