Project Description

Curtain Wall for Incar Foods

Incar Foods is a big and young meat manufacturer and seller company.

Their search for maximum efficiency and their willingness to be in continuous evolution, have led them to bet on renewing their image and apply those novel changes in their new center of treaty and distribution of meat products, taking industrial design one step further .

The revolution of the new technologies has made that both within its factory, when it comes to treating its products, and in its facade, innovation is a main objective and a commercial success.

To renew their image and that these internal changes are reflected in all aspects of your company, have relied on Ledglass to create a curtain wall, with camera glass that, in addition to visual impact, provides thermal and acoustic control, which combines transparency and the visual impact.

In lighting, an important role is played by DMX Led control and programming in RGB, integrated in a recordable profile that not only protects LED strips and dissipates their temperature, but also facilitates maintenance, reducing cost and time of repairs that may be very long term.

The combination of the techniques used, Lightinglass and Graphicglass, allows you to customize the façade of your industrial warehouse, favoring branding and providing dynamism.

The entrance door to their facilities has also been installed using our glass lighting techniques. It has opted for an automatic door, with which we have had our, always excellent, collaboration with Portis.

Adding all the efforts of those who have participated in this project, we have managed to create a unique, dynamic, personalized and perfectly safe and functional façade.

The industry is a sector that does not have to be sober. It is a fundamental service, we promote change, let’s fill it with light and color.

“…Industrial design one step further…”